I&E Change
Boosting brand’s professionalism and appeal by adding fresh content and a consistent user experience
Project Details
01. About this Project
I&E Change is a behavorial and mental health agency for youth and adults specializing in counseling and outpatient services. Inspiring & Empowering Change is based in Baltimore and has experience totaling 15+ years.
02. Opportunity
SVNCRWNS was referred to this client after learning how we’ve helped past clients. After setting an appointment, and reviewing the brand’s digital assets, we knew we could accommodate the level of detail & professionalism that was being requested.
03. Insights
Before beginning our work, we surveyed the website with our team and made a list of all possible updates and fixes to make the brand identity clearer and easily digestible. The first area we explored was user experience.
04. Solution
Our solution consisted of making the user experience consistent across all pages and all devices. We saw areas where the initial theme was broken, - to remedy this, we minimized the layout and added branded graphics, a new logo, and better copy to communicate the top goals for the brand.
Mockups save time
Although this website was not initially designed and developed by our team, we used the same approach as if we were starting with the client from scratch. Before making any changes on the live website, we took screenshots of the entire site, and started working our mockups in Sketch. After three rounds of design and getting our finalized mockup to move forward, we then made changes to the website. The client was impressed with this approach because her biggest fear was her vision not being executedly completely. We made sure she felt comfortable and at ease as we showed her how the new site would look and feel before the changes were committed to her site’s CMS.
There's always more
Our first point of entry was tackling the consistent user experience. We made sure the brand colors, use of language, icon style and animations were all consistent from page to page.
More insights
Often small businesses, thats all businesses that have less than 100 employees and less than $7.5 million in annual sales, take the shortcut with marketing and branding. Most times, the resources are delegated to operating + managing the enterprise. With that said, it’s easy to tackle marketing issues when you have a marketing team giving the best recommendations, and executing on converting your potential clients to absolute clients. Believe it or not, marketing drives more commerce, no matter what size you are, so invest in your business like you’re the best in your industry.
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