Greenmount West CC
Helping local institution springboard its initiatives and resources for community youth in arts + entrepreneurship
Project Details
01. About this Project
Greenmount West Community Center is a neighborhood institution in the Greenmount West neighborhood of Baltimore City. Starting in 2016, the founders of the space saw an opportunity to bring programming, snacks, materials and equipment to service the youth 5 - 18 years of age in the neighborhood during evening, weekend and summer hours.
02. Opportunity
This opportunity was connected to a bigger partnership with Mark Bradford and the Baltimore Museum of Art as he prepared for his exhibit opening of Tomorrow’s Another Day in September 2018. As part of the rollout, Mr. Bradford created a partnership with local community initiatives to sponsor equipment and resources to promote sustainability. To highlight this work in the center, we began outlining the GWCC story for the new website.
03. Insights
Starting on the ground floor, we were able to pitch in with creating the brand identity, story and tone for how the center would communicate going forward. We saw opportunities to share past wins, share the schedule of updates with community members, and be a hub of information and access in one of Baltimore’s newly renovated residential spaces.
04. Solution
This website was built on the Jekyll framework which gave us a great amount of flexibility to incorporate the functionality for this site.
Content is Queen, still
We started this project off with getting lots of content together first. To build out the best site that matches the energy in the center, we knew we would need lots of images of the kids and instructors to guide our decision making with bringing the brand's story to life.
Win before the fold!
Part of our design direction was to use fullscreen video throughout the site wherever possible. For the home page, we decided to use a few snippets of video and add a gradient overlay to match the rest of the color story shared on the website. Most importantly, as soon as you come to the homepage there is motion, there is life. This encourages users to continue to explore the platform and learn even more from what this institution is bringing to their community.
Exercising the Overlay
The overlay is one of our favorite playgrounds for custom websites. Usually a menu is shown on the overlay and a hamburger menu is selected to access this area. Due to the number of programming options at the center, we tried to find a nice, compact way of sharing this information immediately with nice visuals. Our biggest concern was displaying too much text which would possibly discourage users from continuing their exploration. In the overlay, the users are able to scroll the list of over 20+ programming options.
20+ Page Website
Hi-resolution photography, HTML5 fullscreen videos, menu overlays, a custom map of the Greenmount West Community with map markers by way of the MapBox API, and more features.
Custom Site Design + Development
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