Crust by Mack
SVNCRWNS worked with Crust by Mack to produce an interview to launch her campaign for raising funds to open their bakery.
Project Details
01. About this Project
Crust by Mack is a baker's brand for homemade sweet and savory hand pies by chef + baker, Amanda Mack. The brand has been very present in the local marketplaces for Baltimore's chefs and restaurant space. Established in 2015, Crust by Mack has received many accolades for its unique recipes and combination of flavors. We're excited for what the brand has in store for this upcoming year.
02. Opportunity
Crust by Mack is fundraising to establish and design a bakery space. In efforts to share the history and concept, we saw an opportunity to tell Amanda's story.
03. Insights
We've worked with Amanda on other projects that have been amazing. After learning about Crust by Mack and what Amanda's plans are for setting up and creating a beautiful space filled with art programming and savory treats for the community, we were ready to offer support with creating some branded content to promote the effort.
04. Solution
In the interview below, Amanda shares some of her recipes, inspiration and reasons for wanting to establish space in her community as a baker. She shares her story, her family and her past experience running successful ventures. The people love transparency and presence, Amanda gives both. Watch below.
Crust by Mack
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