Establishing brand presence with an online shop to showcase monthly releases from new fashion line.
Project Details
01. About this Project
Branëu is a fashion line for the overachievers and early adopters. The concept originally came in 2015. After careful detail and planning, Branëu releases it’s first collection F/W 2018.
02. Opportunity
SVNCRWNS has been working with the founder for Branëu on several other ventures. When this concept was on the table, we jumped on it. We saw an opportunity to design a simple user experience that we could build on in time as the brand starts to see growth.
03. Insights
The cheapest way to market is heavy marketing of original content and navigating your potential users to an e-commerce platform to convert. Digital is the main channel to connect with audience, the e-commerce option was an easier entry to market, providing analytics to help drive decision making.
04. Solution
The team settled on using Squarespace for its e-commerce support and ease of admin backend. Our goal is to setup our clients with great tools that they can manage. We design the tools, we manage the use, and then we leverage the tools to drive to market better, faster and more often.
Started w/ wireframe + design mockups
At the beginning of new web projects, our process goes like this - we have a discovery session, we learn about the project, if it’s a good fit, we move forward. We start designing the user experience using tools like Adobe Design, Marvel and Sketch. Our favorite tool is Sketch. We source stock photography to move quickly in our Agile process, and fill in the gaps as we get closer to a final design. Once we finalize the design, we start developing the mockups into a live, clickable product that can be shared with a userbase.
Client delivered hi-res images for brand looks
We cannot stress enough how important imagery is for launching and maintaining a fresh brand. Our client delivered these images to be used on the website. Usually we schedule and shoot images for our clients with website or e-commerce projects, however, this project had a tight timeline and the best option was for the client to deliver, and they did!
Responsive Design is not optional!
Browsing on mobile devices is the leader for how users are consuming information. Having our platforms accessible on all devices with simple user experiences is always our main goal. Don't lose sales because the user experience for mobile browsing is inadequate.
E-commerce Web Design & Development
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