AVAM Logan Conference
media coverage for American Visionary Art Museum 2018 Visionary Conference
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01. About this Project
American Visionary Art Museum has been a pillar in Baltimore, Maryland for over 20+ years. The museum's donors sponsor the Logan Visionary Conference every year inviting speakers to come and share insight on a particular theme that impacts art and community. This year's conference focused on the Two Worlds of Heaven: Science and Religion.
02. Opportunity
After meeting a representative from AVAM, we brainstormed ways that we could impact the museum and its upcoming annual conference. We reviewed all digital assets from the previous conference and were tasked with completing media coverage.
03. Insights
We love working with art institutions. We love providing impact on a large scale for big audiences to digest and enjoy. Although we were tasked with media coverage, we did an assessment of the museum's website presence and platform, communication channels and presence in the community. We were able to identify several opportunities to continue building our relationship with AVAM as well as some key opportunities to enhance the foundation that they've built and established in their 20+ years of existence.
04. Solution
We're learning to pace ourselves, honestly. Although we presented some really exciting approaches to leveraging what the museum has already established - our work captured photo and video media coverage for the Logan Conference. One thing we learned from this experience was to continue pushing the needle forward, continue sharing ideas, and continue to move fearlessly with our clients and helping them grow their platforms and presence. The truth is we knew the scope of our work going into this partnership, but we are so driven by our abilities to add value in the art + cultural spaces, that we're willing to keep pitching ideas, even if they are outside of the scope, the budget or the client's ability to see what we see. We love what we do!
The Great Mystery Show was the 2018 theme for the museum layout and curation
That's what makes the Logan Visionary Conference so unique. American Visionary Art Museum creates a concept for their museum annually and the theme of the Logan Conference was an extension of the museum exhibit. The speakers discussed the parallels of science and religion, and the museum touched on all kinds of topics from Math being a philosophy, quantum physics, astrology, scientology + more. Check out the Recap video + Keynote Speakers.
Recap Video for American Visionary Art Museum's 2018 Logan Visionary Conference
See videos below for the individual keynote speakers:
1. Father James Kurzynski
2. Nancy du Tertre
3. Michelle Thaller
4. Alex Chionetti
5. Q&A with Panels"

Creative Direction
Kirby Griffin
Dena Simmons
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