Our Website Gets New User Experience
At one point, we just had a portfolio of work online. Now, we're taking steps to give our users more information about our service, culture and goals as a company.
The Home Page
This was the first place we started. We knew as a creative company, as problem solvers that looking at our website wasn’t very informative, there wasn’t a story. There was cool work, but how did these things tie together to make up a company? How does the company work? How can I work with this company? These were questions that we were getting from our peers. It was too abstract. So we added some color and images, and more transparency.
Featured Projects With More Depth
We took the “Featured Projects” section, and added images. Seems like a small detail, but imagery gave our projects more life, and to the end user, they’re more likely to view our work, see our skills and be interested in supporting more of what we’re doing in the future. We added a quick link “View our Portfolio” that links to the “Work” page because that’s the most important page for this platform. Beside the quick link, we added a sign up form for our newsletter, so our users know we’re interested in talking to them more. We want to start building an audience around our work, so this feature is also very important to our company’s goals.
The Overlay
Our initial overlay wasn’t very informative. At the very top was the main menu for the website, and after that section - there is the complete list of our work portfolio for our production company. Unless our new users, who know nothing about our company, had about 3 hours to spend browsing our films, photoshoots and websites, they would’nt be able to learn much., which resulted in really high bounce rates based on our site analytics.
Primary Menu
We removed the main menu and made it a fixed menu to be visible anywhere on the site. We organized our portfolio work into two categories, client work and in-house projects. We added tags to our work so users can have an idea of what kind of work they are about to view. The overlay menu is visible on all pages, positioned in the lower right hand corner. We also made the overlay button animated.