The Branding Company is Branding Itself
We had to take several looks at ourselves as a company positioning ourselves to help other companies grow. It's time we start branding ourselves and showing our audience what it takes to begin this journey. Check out the first 5 items we tackled below.
5 Things We Considered to Brand Ourselves
We hate to admit it but we were too busy helping other brands tell their story, we're just now getting around to defining ourselves as a brand and we're going to share the whole process. We figured this would be a great resource to our community, to see how a brand is created in ideation and visualized with look, feel and personality during the brand identity phase. Let's get into it.
001 - Social Media
Social Media is the biggest elephant in the room, so we tackled it first. We started with sharing who we are and what we've been up to. We missed this freebie when we first started in 2015. Realizing how valuable it is to share your process and growth with your audience, we've started our instagram account and we're sharing our portfolio. We have projects as far back as 2015 that we haven't really talked much about, it was a good time to revisit some of that content and share those stories. Follow our instagram account @svncrwns.
002 - Logo
The second marketing tool we tackled was our logo. We wanted it to have a fresher feel, still very minimal but bold. We just tweaked a few things. There is more room to explore later.
003 - Brand Book
In order to refresh ourselves on our business vocabulary, we started developing a brand book to make sure we are accurately envisioning our goals, look and feel within our logo and within the entire brand. So far, we have tackled our vision, target market, personas, brand colors, similar companies that we align ourselves with and a few more details. Stay tuned for the SVNCRWNS Brand Book, it will be available for download soon. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter to receive updates.
004 - Strategy
We created a mind map to strategize our business for the next 5 years. We thought of every possible idea that seemed innovative, necessary and effective to culture and figured out how to tie it in with our business model. We also factored in play time. We love working with our clients, but our brand management company is also a space to create our own art. Some of the things we tied in - wanting a streetwear brand, wanting to open a studio/workspace, wanting to do collaborations with other agencies in the space of fashion, art and + culture.
005 - Pricing Model
At this point, we have the makings of a solid blueprint for our business. Our portfolio was also a major asset. When we weren't sure what kind of work we actually wanted to do, it was hard convincing people to let us work with them on their businesses. We started shopping our portfolio as proof of our capabilities. Based on our portfolio, we looked at the services and products we loved working on the most, and created a pricing model to help with pitching to clients more efficiently. The pricing model along with the other tools give a more complete look of our business. When added to the brand book, it allows us to communicate the fine details of our company in the form of a magazine spread that covers who we are, why we exist, and how we make money.
BONUS 006 - Website
We are not that advanced that we don't need websites. Never under estimate the power of having your own domain online. It is your very own platform to communicate with your audience. Update your website with information to ease your customer's experience. Show your work. Share your brand identity. Share your products / services. Share where people can find you online. Share your contact info.
BONUS 007 - Portfolio
This is mandatory, this was also the first thing that we created as a company. We knew that having a solid portfolio would birth our company and show the value we can add to any brand or space. Having a portfolio to shop to clients is a great asset. We live in a very instantaneous society, proof of concept is more important than ever. Have your portfolio ready and accessible for any and every one to see. To see our portfolio, click on the menu button, showing seasons one through four.
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