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Brand Starter Kit
Take the guess work out of launching and connecting with your audience. We've got a three-point strategy for your brand.
the # of opportunities to win
engaging content
1minute visual
Video is at the top of the chain when it comes to getting your customers attention. Visually appealing, you get a story, you get the lifestyle. Your customer is one step closer to being able to relate to your product, service or message. Communicate your brand's message in 60 seconds.
5 ideas for video
  1. Share the history of your brand
  2. Introduce yourself as the founder
  3. Introduce a new product or service
  4. Highlight your customer's experiences
  5. Teach your customers something useful
a platform to connect
10+products in e-commerce store
Extend your audience reach by providing a platform to purchase your products and services. Most importantly, convert your instagram followers into customers. Consult with us to start planning + developing your online shop with 10 products.
5 Tips for Online Shops
  1. Understand your brand identity
  2. Detailed product information and gallery
  3. Your site is responsive. Good on all devices
  4. Use high resolution images to display your products
  5. Have a social media presence, use content to drive traffic
an editorial look
20editorial images
A 2-hour photoshoot to create content for social media, website and other digital tools. Convert more customers by delivering high resolution images that represent your brand.
The Brand Starter Kit
The Brand Starter Kit consists of 3 distinct opportunities to win! (1) A one-minute visual that tells the story of your brand, works as an interactive piece of content and can be the driving force for customer conversions; (2) an online shop to feature 10 or more products; and (3) a two-hour photoshoot to promote your brand, with high resolution editorial images
starting at $2500