Our Brother's Keeper
Gaining perspective on queer women barbers in the male landscape of cosmetics and grooming
Project Details
01. About this Project
Coyote Agency is a full-service advertising agency based in Brooklyn, NY. As the agency prepared for its launch and opening exhibit, SVNCRWNS was tasked with the opportunity to screen a short film highlighting an interesting perspective in the male barbering industry at the event.
02. Opportunity
This opportunity came at perfect timing. This project originally was pitched at the idea of highlighting men in the male barbering industry, however, SVNCRWNS is a team of creative women. After finding an inch to pivot, the creators saw space to highlight women that are operating in predominantly male spaces.
03. Insights
Chavon, one of our co-founders, had several recent visits to two different barbers. After going to her appointments, she started working out the question of queer women and men that share workspace, considering what it’s like for sharing space, what’s discussed, what’s felt, and more. Highlighting this demographic in such a huge predominant market of adult men, we saw an area to learn ourselves while also providing a nice topic for our short film.
04. Solution
Our solution, two queer barbers, two different cities. Our company is based in Baltimore, and Coyote Agency is based in Brooklyn. We completed a 7-minute film sharing two completely different entrances into the barbering world from our participants. Thanks to Coyote Agency for us to unpack this story and share some much needed insight with our audiences.
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